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Stolen from :iconpony-luver101:

Choose 10 of your favourite characters/OCs/Friends/Celebrites/other.

1: Italy.
2: Romano.
3: England.
4: America.
5: Canada.
6: France.
7: Prussia. 
8: Belarus.
9: Liechtenstein.
10: Hungary.

1: [4] finds a time machine! What time period do they visit?!
America: Dude, I'm totally going into the future to see if they've invented flying cars yet! 

2: [2] falls in love with [9], but knows that [9] is dating [6]. What happens?
Romano: You think I'm going to back down from flirting with a cute girl like Liechtenstein because of some Frenchie? Ha! Yeah, right.

3:[1] wakes up in [3]'s house with no memory of how they got there.
Italy: Ve... Hmm? Where am I? This isn't my house.
England: Good morning.
Italy: Eek! E-England! Don't hurt me!
England: What on earth are you talking about? I'm not going to hurt you. 
Italy: Oh... Well, that makes me feel better. Can you tell me why I'm here?
England: You don't remember? Well, you were pretty wasted when you walked in...
Italy: I was drunk?
England: Yes, quite drunk, actually. I tried to call Germany to get him to bring you home, but he didn't answer the phone.
Italy: Hmm... Oh! I remember now! I went to Germany's house and he was drinking with Prussia, and I joined in and, well, I have no idea how I made my way all the way here.
England: Oh well, no worries. Would you like some breakfast? I was just making some eggs and bacon.
Italy: I thought you said you weren't going to hurt me!

4: [7] receives a love note from [5]. What does it say? How does [7] react?
Prussia: A note for me? Huh, I wonder who it's from...
Dear Prussia,
   I've been thinking this for a while, and I really wanted to say it to your face, but I was too shy. So I wrote you a note. I hope you don't mind.
   I just wanted to tell you that I think you're a really great guy. You're funny and fun to hang out with, and you're very kind, too. 'Awesome' is the word I should be using to describe you. 
   And I... really like you. A lot.
   If you don't feel the same way, that's totally fine! I don't want to pressure you or anything! But... if you do feel the same way, maybe you could right me back? 
   Sorry if I inconvenienced you. Have a nice day!

Prussia: Canada is the one that makes the awesome pancakes, right? And he likes me? Hmm... Maybe I should right him back a note saying I think he's an awesome guy, too. Because he totally is. Gilbird! Grab me a pen and paper! I need to write a note!

5: [10] and [6] get married!
Hungary: Why am I going through with this?
France: Because I'm a beautiful person and you've fallen in love with me?
Hungary: Ha! Yeah, right. 
France: Well, no need to be rude. ... You look lovely in that wedding dress.
Hungary: You think so? Thank you. And I suppose you look pretty nice in your suit.
France: I look good in anything.
Hungary: Alright, no more talking, or else I'll have to put my frying pan to use.

6: [2] and [5] are stuck on a deserted island. Who survives longest?
Romano: We're going to die on this fucking island, aren't we?! I'm too young and handsome to die alone!
Canada: I'm here, so you're not alone.
Romano: Oh, God, I have to spend my final moments with a man?! Of all things, a man?! Why not a beautiful woman, huh?! 
Canada: C-Calm down, Romano. I'm sure they'll find us soon.
Romano: It's been three fucking weeks! Face it, we're going to die here! 
Canada: You're a very negative person, you know that?
Romano: Fuck you! Fuck you and all your maple syrup! I'm done with this shit! I'm going to climb up a tree and wait for a bunch of beautiful angels to come down and carry me up to heaven!
Kumajiro: That was mean.
Canada: Don't worry, he's just grouchy because he hasn't eaten any tomatoes for almost a month. 
Kumajiro: He's trying to climb a palm tree.
Canada: I can see that.
Romano: Fuck you, stupid tree! I hate you! Go and burn to ash you asshole!
Kumajiro: He's talking to the tree.
Canada: Y-Yes, I know... I really hope they find us soon. I don't know how much longer he's going to last.

7: [9] beats up [3]. Why?
Liechtenstein beating up England? Really? Seriously? 

8: [8] murders [4] and [10] takes the blame.
Belarus: He had it coming.
Hungary: That doesn't mean you had to be the one to kill him!
Belarus: Who cares? What's done is done.
Hungary: England and Canada are going to be so upset!
Belarus: They'll come to accept it and move on.
Hungary: You're insane!
Belarus: I just did what has to be done. 
Hungary: And you do realise that you're going to be in major trouble for this, right?
Belarus: I figured that out already while I was killing the American.
Hungary: ... Oh, I know! How about I take the blame? If I say I did it, I think the world will go a bit easier on me than they would with you.
Belarus: I couldn't care less. But if it means less trouble for me, then by all means, take the blame. Now I'm going home. Russia should be getting back around this time. 

9: ZOMBIES! How does [7] react?
Prussia: Oh shit oh shit oh shit! Look, I know I am awesome, but that doesn't mean you need to chase me! Leave me alone! West! Help me!

10: [2] traps [1] in a hole.
Italy: Romanoooo!
Romano: Shut up!
Italy: I'm hungryyyy!
Romano: I said shut up!
Italy: How long do I have to stay down here for?
Romano: Until I decide you can come back up.
Italy: When will that be?
Romano: When you quit being such a fucking idiot!
Italy: Romano, you're mean! I want pastaaaa!
Romano: You can have pasta when you admit the German bastard is stupid and you hate him!
Italy: Wh-What?! B-B-But, Germany is my best friend!
Romano: Then I guess you can stay down there for the rest of the night!
Italy: Romanoooo!
Romano: Shut up! 
Italy: ... I was really looking forward to going on that date, too.
Romano: Yeah, well, too fucking bad.
Italy: She is so beautiful and kind and sweet. She has a friend who was also very pretty.
Romano: ...
Italy: I told her I had a handsome big brother, and she said she would love to meet you. But I'm down here, and they're at the restaurant. *sigh*
Romano: ... God dammit, fine! You can come out.
Italy: Really? Grazie, fratello! I'm sure we can still make it on time.
Romano: Yeah, yeah, just hurry up and let's go. 
Italy: Oh, and Romano?
Romano: What?
Italy: Germany is still my best friend.
Romano: I suggest you shut your mouth, or else I'll throw you back into that fucking hole and leave you there all night.

11: [6] is captured by [3]. How does [10] react?
England: Hahahaha! You're so pathetic, Frog!
France: This isn't fair! You cheated! You used unfair methods!
England: All's fair in love and war, isn't that how the saying goes?
Hungary: *swoops in and kicks England across the face* Leave my husband alone!
France: Hungary! I'm so glad to see you! I knew you loved me!
Hungary: Don't get carried away, France. I'm only here because you're no good to me dead.
England: What the bloody hell was that!? Wouldn't you say that was a little uncalled for?!
Hungary: I'm sorry, England, but weren't you the one that said 'All's fair in love and war?'
England: Er... Well...
France: Can we leave now? My hair is getting messy.

12: [7] and [9] go on a holiday. Where?
Prussia: Hiking!
Liechtenstein: Really?
Prussia: Ja! It'll be awesome!
Liechtenstein: I was thinking something more relaxing, like a trip to another country or something.
Prussia: Hiking is totally relaxing! You get to be among the trees and the singing birds, with no city air polluting your lungs.
Liechtenstein: Well, I guess that does sound pretty nice...
Prussia: You bet! Plus, if we're lucky, we'll get to see some cool wildlife.
Liechtenstein: Alright. Well, Switzerland said it's fine if I go, but he said I had to bring this.
Prussia: A gun?
Liechtenstein: Yes. 
Prussia: I don't think we'll run into anything that dangerous.
Liechtenstein: No, he just said to look out for any 'albino morons', and use this on them if necessary.
Prussia: ... Oh. Hey, we're friends, right?
Liechtenstein: Yes, why do you ask?
Prussia: Just wondering...

13: [5], [1] and [3] are cursed. What happens to them?
Italy: I'm a wolf!
Canada: And I'm a moose!
England: I'm a... robin. 
Italy: Mr. England looks cute!
Canada: Yes, he does.
England: Stop it! I'm not cute!
Italy: He's trying to be angry, but he only looks cuter!
Canada: Hey, you still have your thick eyebrows, even as a tiny robin.
England: Blast it all! I knew I shouldn't have been fooling around with that old concoction. This is what I get for being curious!
Canada: Curiosity killed the cat.
Italy: The cat was killed!?
England: It's a figure of speech, idiot.
Canada: Can you turn us back to our original forms? I love moose, but I would rather have my human body.
England: Yes, well, changing us back will take some time.
Italy: Why?
England: Because I'm a fucking bird, you twat!
Italy: Ah! Mr. England is being mean and acting like Romano!
Canada: A robin picking on a wolf. Never thought I would see the day.

14: [2] and [4] visit a haunted house.
Romano: This is fucking stupid. Why did I agree to this?
America: I paid you twenty bucks, remember?
Romano: Oh, right. Well, let's get this over with.
America: It isn't that scary, but I find haunted houses are more fun with a friend.
Romano: Yeah, sure. You only brought me along because you're a fucking coward.
America: Am not! I'm a hero! And hero's don't get scared! EEK! A GHOST!
Romano: Ack! Let go of me, you bastard! You're crushing my ribs!
America: Oh, uh, sorry...
Romano: This is kid's stuff! You shouldn't be scared of such amateur things like plastic skeletons and ghosts made from sheets and-- WHAT THE FUCK JUST TOUCHED MY LEG!?!? *jumps into America's arms*
America: H-Hey! Jeez, you're worse than I am.
Romano: Get me out of here, right now! 
America: But there's still more of the haunted house to see.
Romano: Get me out of here now and I'll treat you to a burger!
America: Deal!

15: [9] is genderswapped. Describe [8]'s reaction.
Liechtenstein: H-How do I look?
Belarus: ... 
Liechtenstein: Do I look bad?
Belarus: Not bad, just...
Liechtenstein: ... Just what?
Belarus: Different.
Liechtenstein: That's a very vague answer.
Belarus: You look... ... ... cute
Liechtenstein: I'm sorry, I didn't hear you. What did you say?
Belarus: You look fine. Don't worry about it.
Liechtenstein: Oh. Thank you, Belarus.

16:  [2] throws a surprise party for [6].
France: What a long day. I just want to crawl into bed and--
Romano: Surprise!
France: ... Eh? What's going on here?
Romano: What the fuck does it look like, you idiot?
France: It looks like a surprise party.
Romano: Congratulations, you are correct. Jeez, I didn't think you were that stupid.
France: Okay, but why are you throwing me a party? I thought you hated me?
Romano: I hate everyone. But I lost a bet with Hungary and was forced to do this.
France: I see... So, where's my present~?
Romano: Fuck off, French bastard! I'm only here to say 'surprise' and then hand you cake! That's it!
France: Aw, how sweet! You're so kind, Romano! *hugs Romano*
Romano: Hands off, hands off! You bastard, let me go! *manages to grab cake and shove it in France's face*
France: ACK! ... Mmm, vanilla~. 

17: THE END! Tag someone or describe what [5]'s reaction to this entire meme is.
Syd: So, what do you think?
Canada: It's... interesting.
Syd: You don't like it, do you?
Canada: N-No, I do! It's good! Very good! Although, I'm questioning some parts...
Syd: I think many people will be questioning this entire thing. 
Canada: Yeah, you're probably right.

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